Florida’s December Fishing Forecast For 2021

Florida’s December fishing forecast this year is a good one. Enjoy snagging some flounder, trout, redfish, bass, and more inshore this holiday season. Try your hand at bottom fishing for grouper, amberjack, vermillion snapper, or scamp. Who needs ham or turkey when you can get your hands on fresh grilled fish for Christmas dinner? Freshly caught filets serve as an excellent present as well. Most children will be on winter vacation, so December is a perfect time to bring them out on the water.


In December, bass fishing in Florida is top-notch. In December the bass begin to eat in order to prepare for reproduction. Cold fronts have begun to sweep over the state, lowering not just our air temperatures but also our sea temperatures. All this commotion causes baitfish, shad, and wild shiners to congregate, making the bass feeding frenzy some pretty exciting fishing. Largemouth bass commences staging for the large spawn, and bass beds can be spotted as early as the first week of December. This is typically when expectations begin to build and people are eager. Capturing trophy bass may become much easier.


Trout can be found in greater depths at this time of year. Try fishing deep water fishing piers, bridges, and deep holes in bayous and channels. Live shrimp, pinfish, croakers, and pigfish are the greatest baits for trout. These may be fished on a Carolina rig or beneath a bursting cork. Some of the greatest lures include deep-running or sinking plugs.  Because the water is colder this time of year, trout are less active, and fishing the bait too quickly will decrease the number of bites. Carefully fish with a shrimp tail soft plastic jig in the deep channels of the bayou to find the trout, then swap to live bait to get the most bites.

Winter Bonito

Large schools of bonito smashing pods of rain minnows can be found off the bridges and, on occasion, off the beach or surf. Look out for birds to discover the Bonita. They are most active during the day when the temperature is below freezing and the wind is blowing from the north. For the best response, toss white jigs or white jerk baits; spoons or bubble rigs may also be effective.


Reds will be strewn across ports, bridges, and jetties. The majority of your bites will come from fishing your live bait on a Carolina rig on the base floor. Redfish must be between 18 and 27 inches in length in order to keep. During the winter, there are a lot of bull reds around, and you may locate them in the passes, deep streams, and around deep-sea bridges. These bull reds are great for catching and releasing. If you choose this method of fishing, be sure you trap the fish and try to free them while they are still in the water, simply using the net to manage the fish.


You’ll find flounder in the bay and gulf this month, with November and December providing some of the greatest flounder action of the year. Flounder can be captured by hook and line or gigged in large quantities. For the greatest results, cast a Carolina rig near docks and bridges with sand bottoms for access to deep water and oyster beds. The best lure will be live bull minnows, although flounder belly strips, DOA lures, Savage Shrimp, and Gulp will all work. The greatest flounder fishing is found close outside the passes on nearshore reefs and wrecks. Bulls minnows fished on a Carolina rig will yield the most flounder in the Gulf. Fish on the downwind of the reef or wreck.

Fish in Style

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