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At Sea

Found at Sea Charters is a family/veteran owned fishing and pleasure charter company whose love for the water grew into this new adventure. The company’s primary focus is to create a variety of custom fishing/ pleasure charter experiences.

Peter Bilbo

Peter is a local business owner here in Delray Beach. He has multiple businesses in the Marine Industry, from detailing and servicing boats to selling yachts, he has more than a decade of experience. Growing up on the water has ingrained a love and respect for fishing and the ocean. He is a strong believer in the power of positivity an excellence in all things. He strives to support his employees and their personal and professional growth. His personal philosophy is that life is an adventure when approached with intention and awareness

Stephen Bilbo

The dream of being an entrepreneur has always been a passion of Stephen’s. Growing up working in the restaurant business and playing high school football, instilled many aspects of entrepreneurship and work ethic into his DNA. That foundation of hard work and leadership skills led Stephen to joining the United States Marine Corps in 2008. Over the last 12 years, Stephen has faithfully served his country on multiple deployments too numerous locations.

While serving as US Marine he also managed being a father to three girls, a husband to a wonderful wife, and attending American Military University as full time student. While his priorities still rest with serving his country, being a father, a husband, it was time to start a new adventure following his passion to serve others. That next adventure is Found at Sea Charters. With Stephen’s brother Peter taking the lead on Operations for the company, it allows Stephen the flexibility to work from any location at any time, as his duty locations change. Stephen handles content creation, video post-production, marketing, and administration sectors of the company.

Savannah Bilbo

Savannah grew up on the water as a way of life rather than out of pleasure. Her family owns clam leases on the Gulf and have been working the water for generations. Savannah has an insane work ethic and very high level of management experience and knowledge. Savannah’s love for the water has never faded, so owning a charter company is part of the dream she is living. Savannah also handles content creation, video post-production, marketing, and administration sectors of the company.

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